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Crazy Chef

A new word in cooking games! FAST PRESS, COOK and catch the kitchen fire with SERVE. Control the kitchen with light finger movements. Become a real chef and cook delicious meals in restaurants around the world!

Aşçı Şefim Oyunu

My Cooking is the NEW FREE restaurant cooking game! Easy to play and rich in food. Quickly tap with just ONE finger and you can complete all cooking, baking and serving tasks!

Cooking Diary

Be the chef of your own restaurant in this fun time management game! Cooking Diary is a cooking game loved and supported by players all over the world! Caution: This game can cause a real cooking fever!

Candy Crush Saga

Complete level by level in this cute puzzle adventure by swapping and matching candies. This is an indescribable feeling! Be smart and act smart

Candy Crush Soda Saga

The creators of the legendary Candy Crush Saga bring you the Candy Crush Soda Saga with unique candies, even more awesome combos and purple soda and fun-filled challenging game modes!

Farm Heroes Saga

The evil raccoon Ransid wants to destroy the farm by stealing as many crops as possible along the way. Can you team up with heroes and help harvest crops?

What are arcade games?

Originally, arcade games were called games with an intentionally simplified gameplay. The meaning of the arcade often comes down to the fact that you need to complete the level as quickly as possible, collect the most bonuses in your path, and get maximum points for completing it. Some video game magazines sometimes list platform games this way. The essence of platformers is the need to overcome any obstacles on the way out of the level. Such obstacles can be enemies, spikes, ledges, and they must be overcome mainly with the help of jumps. The name "platformers" came from the need to overcome part of the road - the "platforms" - the boards placed on the road.